Victoria — s Secret Angels — Diet and Exercise Secrets

We went backstage at the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show and caught up with 8 sexy models who spilled on how they stay so slim.

диета ангелов victoria secret

If you have ever sat through a VS fashion show, chances are you’ve wanted to get your hands on the exact rundown of a Victoria’s Secret model diet and workout. I mean, who hasn’t?

As we sit in our holiday-induced food coma, we’ve been thinking back to when we headed backstage at the show a couple years ago to grill the models on stay-skinny tips—you know, to get some New Year’s resolution inspiration.

Not surprisingly, the top models asked to walk in the show prepare for months and months to get in shape before walking half-naked down a runway in front of millions. From the workout machine that Martha Hunt calls “torture” to Elsa Husk ‘s juicing strategy, it truly doesn’t sound easy to be an Angel. That is, of course, unless you’re Jourdan Dunn. who shared with us that she doesn’t work out at all. Must be nice.

Adriana Lima: «Everything starts with nutrition and what you eat,» longtime Angel Adriana Lima told us. «I really watch my portions, and work out when I can—it is definitely hard with work and my two kids.» As for her preferred exercises? «Boxing and jumping rope!»

Erin Heatherton: «I played sports growing up so I am very athletic and I have an athletic body type. For the show, you really want to look long and lean,» Erin Heatherton shared. «I think the best thing is yoga and pilates and I also do Ballet Beautiful as well, plus lots of band work. I do incline walking instead of running…just make sure you’re using your butt and not your thighs because you don’t want to make that big!»

Elsa Hosk: «I definitely drink more green juices. It’s a lot of fun to make juices and I also drink lots of warm water in the morning with ginger, cayenne and lemon juice. It’s a great way to clean your system right away. Just drink lots of juice and get lots of sleep. Oh, and no desserts before the show!» As for what Hosk ate in the morning before the show she shared, «Eight eggs!»

Jourdan Dunn: Not all of the Angels go the extra workout mile before the show. British beauty Jourdan Dunn told us: «I don’t really doing anything [to prepare], I’m really bad, I’m probably the worst. Cara [Delevingne] and I do nothing. We were saying maybe we should sneak in some McDonald’s and KFC and eat it front of the girl’s—but then we thought they might come after us or something.»

Martha Hunt: «Generally I work out a lot anyway. I’ve been working with Victoria’s Secret for the past year so it has already been really important to me to take care of myself and eat really healthy, but I’ve not been taking the weekends off and I’ve been eating lots of protein and vegetables. I’ll definitely not be eating protein and vegetables tomorrow!»

As for her exercise regime she shared: «I’ve been using a Megaformer—it is like the pilates reformer with a carriage in between two platforms and you change the springs for restistance—so you have to resist these pullys to strengthen your body. It is basically a torture machine!»

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